To no surprise, Rihanna’s “B*tch Better Have My Money” has gotten a slew of remixes as of late. Her passionate, fiery verses are perfect for sampling, so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock that artists everywhere are providing their own spin on it.  With a vast array of genres and styles, I decided to compile my three favorites and put them all into one post. How nice of me right? I call this the “Deep House Sanguiché”: two massive trap buns with a gooey deep house center.

The first bite is easily the biggest, as you delve into one of the dirtiest trap songs I have heard in awhile.

Jack Bass’ trap snares mix perfectly with Rihanna’s verses, and make it impossible to sit still as you await the massive drop. When it finally hits, you’re left speechless as the sub-bass combines with her modulated vocals to slap you silly. Muffled synths give you time to recover, but it’s truly short-lived as Rihanna suddenly commands you to bob your head over an enveloped sub-bass. The second drop is an exact replica of the first for a few bars, but evolves into bouncy moombahton towards the end.

With joyous trumpets and jumpy plucks, Luca Lush and Brasstracks provide a surprising, yet soothing spin on Rihanna’s raps. 808 snares make a triumphant appearance, however, and lead you into a drop that definitely warrants a dance breakout like no one is watching.

Ok maybe not like that…

Halfway through the drop, it half-times out of nowhere, bringing a Jauz-esque groove to somehow make this track even dancier.

The final song, as I mentioned before, proves to be another trap banger that is sure to test your speakers. This remix comes from the graces of Clips X Ahoy and Hype Turner, and provides the perfect ending to this delicious sandwich.

The opening verse is easily the most bass-heavy of the three, with no alteration to the vocal track whatsoever. The build slides in exactly how you’d expect it to, but finishes with a devastating surprise. A drop synth screams out of nowhere, leading into a delayed sub that rustles your jimmies in the absolute best way. It quickly sneaks into another build, with ominous pitched vocals, before hitting you with a slowed-down jersey club breakdown.

My order of preference mimics the order of tracks in this post, so let me know which one’s yours in the comments below!