With summer right around the corner, it seems like tropical remixes of indie dance tracks that were made for hot summer days have been flooding the blogosphere. New York City native, Taylor Wise, is riding the wave of tropical remixes, but rather than take on an indie dance track, the San Francisco transplant has given an old school classic a new school spin.

For anyone in their twenties, “What’s Love” by Fat Joe, featuring Ashanti and Ja Rule, was an iconic track for many of their formative years. Ashanti’s familiar, soulful croons set the stage for Wise’s tropical re-imagination, as he layers together cheery guitar riffs with a bouncy bass line that gives his remix a sunny personality. As Fat Joe delivers his ubiquitously known verse, Wise elevates the 2000s hip-hop classic with an accompanying guitar solo that gives the track an upbeat groove. Stream Taylor Wise’s remix below, and make sure to snag the free download for your summer playlist here.