Other than the fact that he is twenty years old and from Connecticut, there is no information available about Andrew Nordgren, who produces under the name Cozy. The remix competition for “Lost & Found” ended some time ago, with the winning remix belonging to Marcus Santoro. The competition has long been over and yet Cozy has just released a track that would certainly have been at or near the top of it.

While the winning remix built on the original, Cozy’s has no resemblance at all to it. Some excellent piano work stands as the backbone of the track. The atmosphere prior to the climax is relaxed and calming. It then makes its way to the drop where a strong bassline and fast-paced melody are on display. A common theme often found in the music of lesser-known artists is poor production quality, but that is now the case here. The mix is clean and the sounds stand out.

This is not the first track by Cozy but it is his best. He should now be somebody on your radar.