You know exactly when you’re listening to a Soundprack production. Each tune is clean, and makes your heart flutter with every melody. Whether it’s trance or house, Soundprank has a gift for creating euphoric tracks that can fit any mood or occasion. His career at Anjuna has been admired by all, as he has appeared on multiple Anjunadeep and Anjunabeats compilations, two styles that he masters effortlessly. “Legion’s” sonic landscape feels like an epic journey, even if it only clocks in a 5:29. The track opens with a great pulsating beat, before slightly ominous synths give off warning that something big is on the way. Instead the breakdown is a delicate piano melody with faint vocals weaving in and out, before the vibrant track comes back in with a simple, yet voluminous chord progression. Aspiring producers could learn a thing or two from someone like Soundprank’s entire catalog, but should definitely start with “Legion” and work their way back.

“Legion” is out now exclusively on Beatport.