Congrats to Cory Enemy for hitting 5k fans on Facebook! For such a staple Los Angeles producer, 5k is a lot less than he deserves. His productions are always tight and clean, and he can basically produce in any style that you can think of. Yet he has chosen to play a larger role behind the scenes, and his personality hasn’t had a huge chance to shine. (For instance, he taught Dillon Francis how to produce.)

In celebration of this milestone, Cory is giving away a free download of his track, “Nobody Else.” If I didn’t think that I would get shot for saying this, I would call it future tropical. It has that typical Gecko-esque rhythm from future house but the synths of a trop house track, making this a hybrid banger that satisfies in every way.

Pick up your free download here, and be sure to go like his page and say thanks!