On June 5th, Juno Reactor, whose music was featured in The Matrix Trilogy, will be releasing The Golden Sun Remixed. Your EDM got the chance to premiere one of those nine tracks early; the one being from BLiSS. Techno meets electro with this remix of “Guillotine” that is an immensely impressive ball of energy, so much so that the original artist can’t play it out live enough.

Quite possibly, it is one of the nuttiest tracks I’ve heard; it jumps around all over the place in such a smooth manner that you don’t even realize that eight minutes and thirty seconds just passed when you get to the end of it. In pulling from a Euro-trashy style, a completely chaotic, but beautifully organized remix would put together by BLiSS. Joining this remix are eight others on the album that is currently available for CD pre-order. You read that correctly, you can buy yourself a CD!