This is a moment a lot of dance music fans have been waiting for. With the success of documentaries like “Save the World” featuring Swedish House Mafia and “Under the Electric Sky,” a feature scripted film about dance music is imminent. Though Hollywood is taking a swing at it with We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron, Mia Hansen-Lewis already hit a home run with Eden. 

The movie has already been screened in San Francisco. We will have an interview and review of the movie in the coming days.

Written alongside her brother Sven Hansen-Løve who was a pioneer of the French Touch house scene in the 90s, the film focuses on one man’s aspirations to become a DJ, which was “inspired by true events.” Eden was already a major hit at Sundance Film Festival, gaining praise from critics all over the world, and will slowly make its way to theatres this summer, beginning June 19, 2015, opening in New York and LA, before expanding to more cities. The best part is that the soundtrack features music of Daft Punk (who Sven worked closely with) as well as Frankie Knuckles and other legends. Watch the trailer below:


Source: Beatport