Aero Chord is for sure one of my favorite Monstercat artists. His tracks immediately raised the bar for trap on the label and, more so, cemented his place in my permanent trap playlist – I always have at least either “Surface” or “Boundless,” if not both.

When I first saw the title of his newest track “Saiko,” my mind instantly went to “Okay, that’s how you would personify the word ‘psycho’ with an adolescent Asian girl.” Don’t ask my why – perhaps it’s all the anime I’ve been watching.

Either way, this track is reminiscent of a young O-Ren Ishii and her terrifying rage and psychosis. The build is one of the best that I’ve heard from the label, encapsulating suspense, terror and anxiety while still progressing the track forward. The big kicks startled me at first, for fear that Aero Chord had jumped ship. But the vocal samples just made me all kinds of tingly on the inside before the drop nearly blew out my speakers.

The drop is an odd combination of Snails and Botnek styles with a classic Aero Chord flair thrown in, and I’m not sure if it’s my favorite thing he’s ever done. But together with the whole track, it makes sense.

Listen below, and pay close attention to the build, letting it draw you deep, deep down into the darkness.

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