If you live in or around the Bay Area, then you’ve surely heard of Oakland’s ever on-point bass music weekly, Wormhole Wednesdays. And if not, then let us just say that this crew stays trippy; they are a multi-faceted squad of musicians, visual artists, and lighting wizards who are constantly striving to push next level, genre-defying creators to the forefront of the scene. This shared desire to search for the champion sound led to the birth of their own record label, the Wormhole Music Group.

While the new imprint has hosted a handful of releases from local favorites already, their latest project is something special. From Oakland to Berlin marks the crew’s first compilation album and features tunes from talented music-makers far & wide. Berlin-badman Doshy and Ohio-based wonkmaster Yheti are featured prominently among Bay Area staples like BOATS and Elevated Mind, as well as Wormhole residents like DastardlyKrakinov, and Intellitard. The album as a whole is saucy, psychedelic, and bubbly; there isn’t a tune on here that belongs to one solid genre and the experimental side of things is throughly explored. If you’re looking to get weird while you work today, then look no further; this is what you want to fill your ears with. Check out the full stream of From Oakland to Berlin below and grab a copy of your own on the Wormhole Music Group Bandcamp if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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