The UK’s Japanese treasure Sky-Fi is going to be cleaning your ears with her new original “Soap.” Released by Daily Earfood, this future pop single is something we couldn’t pass up on for a premiere. Sky-Fi shows us why she’s an artist that needs to be on people’s to watch lists as she sings and produces her own songs that aren’t anything but enjoyable.

“Soap” is a crisp production that has a bubbly mood to it, making it a great dance track that is accessible to several different types of music fans, whether they’re pop lovers, future folk, chiptune admirers or otherwise. I have no idea what she is saying for the vocal, but that doesn’t take away one bit from its impact on your listening experience. “Soap” is the fun Summer record we’ve been looking for. Get your copy of it via one of the links below, whether you are looking to support the track or get it for free.

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