Housing Corp has given Ducky a G-house makeover in their official remix of “No Love For The Boys.”
Comprised of Skyler Gross and Nick Van Tiel, Housing Corp’s remix departs from Ducky’s playful production, trading the original’s posh vocal cuts for a dark and brooding bassline. After throwing in a healthy dose of bounce, the track tops up with wavering synths and classic house stabs to complete the desired effect. Still, the creaking is what gets me… you’ll know when you hear it.

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The NYC duo has been making quite a splash this year, holding residencies in both NYC and Sydney, as well as keeping their hands busy with NYC’s “Chromed” events. If you’re thirsting for more infectious house music, you can catch Housing Corp at They Might Get Weird over Memorial Day.

The entire collection of remixes for “No Love For The Boys” spans an impressive range of house flavors. Check out Ducky’s Soundcloud to hear the alternate versions, including remixes by Tony Quattro, False Witness, and Ducky herself.