Unless you plan months in advance and have every item meticulously organized and accounted for, festival camping sucks. The immense heat trapped in your tent wakes you up at 6:30am, the cold forces you to sleep, there’s no chance of staying clean or comfortable for more than a couple hours at a time, and all of your possessions remain on the ground outside for the extent of your weekend. We’ve seen festivals like Coachella provide glamorous amenities for exorbitant prices, but for the self-made camper it’s either a tent or nothing. Slovakian company Nice Architects may be changing all that, however, with their new portable, solar-powered Ecocapsule.


This egg-shaped living vessel runs completely on wind and solar power, and can be hitched onto another vehicle like a regular trailer. It boasts a 9,744 watt/hour battery, solar cells, and a 750 watt wind turbine. The vehicle used for towing can even be electrically charged via the Ecocapsule.


Inside there’s a tiny kitchen with running water, a bathroom with flushable toilet and shower, internal and external storage space, a desk area, and a foldout bed. The Ecocapsule also includes a rain collection and filtration system for clean drinking water.


The entire vessel is about 14.7 feet long and 8 feet wide, perfect for two people to live rather comfortably. Preorders for the Ecocapsule begin this year, with a shipping date set for 2016. While the prices have not yet been unveiled, it’s assumed that ownership will cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you’ve got the cash and are an avid road tripper, this home on wheels may be right up your alley.



Source/Photo: Quartz