Las Vegas, Nevada – The desert sun descends below the horizon and the first signs of nightlife begin to emerge, filling you with excitement from head to toe as you head out to the best nightclub on the strip at the world renowned Caesar’s Palace: OMNIA.

This week, and all throughout the summer for a total of 14 consecutive weeks, OMNIA is hosting a new event series entitled “Imagine.” Featuring interactive performances and a wide palette of party themes, the main club will close out each week with a spectacular evolution into an outdoor fantasy land or elegant masquerade.

Hosted by OMNIA’s resident DJs, starting with Chuckie, and including the likes of Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Oliver Heldens & more, it quickly becomes evident that OMNIA Nightclub is shooting for the stars with “Imagine.”



Your EDM was able to interview Andrea Frey, Director Of Creative Production at Hakkasan Group, and ask her more about what we can expect with the new “Imagine” series:

What is your title and how long have you been involved in the nightlife industry?

My title is Director Of Creative Production at Hakkasan Group and I have been in involved in the nightlife industry for over 15 years. Started out in clubs in Amsterdam, became an event manager/production manager for big dance music event promoters, moved onto international events where I advanced big dance festivals around the world. And now I am back working in clubs, but on the highest level possible when it comes to production.

How will Imagine at Omnia be different from a typical night at the club?

IMAGINE will be different than any night at any club night in Omnia (and in Vegas!) because we are creating an immersive experience where we go a little further than just adding decor. It’s a concept that starts the minute you arrive at the club and are waiting to get in. IMAGINE is a combination of visuals, decor, performers and show moments. Even our staff participates and we encourage our patrons to do the same.


What effect do you feel the production for Imagine will have on guests when they arrive at OMNIA?

The effect that IMAGINE’s production will have on our guests is a feeling that they are a part of something new and unique. People will feel like they are missing out if they haven’t attended our Sunday parties.


Two “Imagine” shows have already happened and the result, both times, were phenomenal. By adding new and exciting themes, OMNIA is keeping the clubbing experience fresh and adventurous. The next “Imagine” event will be Oliver Heldens this upcoming Sunday. Make sure to grab your tickets below and get lost in the magic: