For an artist cloaked in as much mystique as Karma Fields, longtime fans of Monstercat had to have known that something big was going on. As the fateful podcast “glitched” to unveil the monumental song “Build The Cities,” hype was ignited like a volcano about to erupt.

Cue a couple months later and you’ve got a remix EP of massive proportions, including remixes from stalwarts like Kastle and AC Slater, as well as fellow Monstercat artists such as Grabbitz and Tristam (the latter of which resolved to have his own special track title for the remix, considering how different it was from the original).

So let’s recap – special, mysterious unveiling during a podcast episode, debut single being remixed by heavyweights, and no idea where it’s going from here. That last point alone should give you enough of an idea to believe that Mike and co. have huge plans for Karma Fields, whoever he/she/they are.

Check out the remixes below, and follow the purchase links to get your own copy.

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