You don’t become one of the biggest DJs in the world without a little help from your friends. At least, that’s what Zedd told Rolling Stone in his latest interview. Last week, his sophomore album True Colors was finally released, and as he stated many times before, his inspiration comes from the music he’s listened to throughout his entire life. In the interview, Zedd claims that artists like The Beatles, Queen, Radiohead and others helped him to branch out of the traditional dance music style of song writing for his new album. He also goes on to address the pressure to make something different than his Grammy-award winning track “Clarity” ft. Foxes, as well as move beyond EDM stereotypes.

It’s boring to stay the same. I can’t make “Clarity” 10 times. I’m bored of it; I made it once and I want to move on. It’s important for me that my fans know I’m Zedd the musician, not Zedd the EDM DJ. And if I decide to make an acoustic album next time, which is very well possible, that’s still me. My heart is in there. It doesn’t mean that sonically the sound will be the same.

It’s safe to say True Colors accomplished all those things, as he even called on rapper Logic for “Transmission.” But he doesn’t completely shy away from EDM, as legends like Daft Punk helped draw him into dance music in the first place, as well as a crucial friendship with Skrillex once he began producing.

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Soruce: Rolling Stone

Photo: Christina Kuhlmann