The recent Mat Zo Twitter debacle has been gaining more and more steam, and with his support of a list claiming that several A-listers are ghost produced by various musicians, the whiplash has been sudden and strong.

Most notably, Carnage, the king of festival trap, sounded off last night regarding the claim that he is at least partially ghost produced (supposedly by KSHMR).

Below is his Twitter rant – in order from bottom to top – Carnage verifies that he is in no way ghost produced, and makes known that he has ghost produced for other artists in the past.

Stay tuned to for a live-stream interview with Carnage about ghost producing, the music industry, his upcoming album & more.



Clearly calling Mat Zo out, Carnage recognizes that the music industry will always have shady parts and even offered us further insight on the subject:

“It’s pretty simple… people should just ask their favorite DJ if they produce their own music. If they lie and then you find out later, then yea that’s wack. There are so many people just out trying to exploit people, it’s kinda annoying, just fucking enjoy the damn music. There will ALWAYS be some shady shit happening behind the scenes in music, there always has since DAY 1 in every genre of music. If you can’t handle being in the “BUSINESS” get the fuck out of it..”

One of the hardest touring artists in the industry, the Chipotle Gang leader also just released a mini-documentary covering his European tour with the likes of Netsky, Snails, & more and it’s absolutely epic. Check it out below