Wow. Whoa. Krakatoa. Chet Porter’s Too Future. Guest Mix deserves all the exclamations. Since his breaking remix of Ryan Hemsworth, Chet has consistently released astounding productions, earning the support of Moving Castle and nabbing frequent features on Too Future. Thursday compilations.

If you’ve got a penchant for sonic exploration and are ready for some unexpected tunes, you’re going to love this guest mix. It’s absolutely my dearest Too Future. feature, and is rapidly gaining a spot as one of my all time favorite mixes. Run The Trap even had a little chat with the producer to supplement the mix, which you can read here. Over the 30-minute journey, he manages to throw in PC Music jams, heart-wrenching soliloquies, and a sprinkling of unreleased material. This is what I imagine the ooze of genius to sound like. It even opens with sounds from the Ocarina of Time start screen… My childhood is screaming.

There’s far too many moments that left me smiling and jiving around in public, so I’ll just leave this here…



H/T Run The Trap