2X2A is a name everybody will know in the near future. His music represents everything the sadder realm of underground trap aspires to be: simple, engaging, emotional, but original. Sporting a repertoire of impressive emotional beats, 2X2A has proven he an uncanny ability to really pull at your heartstrings. He did not hold back with his remix of “Your Bones (Intermission)“, delivering an emotional ballad sure to make you shed a tear or two.

Being an intermission, Mura Masa’s original track was screaming for a remix. The somber vocals left a strong desire in my heart for a more substantial track. 2X2A took full advantage of this, showcasing the grave nature of the vocal track with his kick and basslines. The kick is expertly mixed, commanding but not overpowering. It drives the beat of the song without being the main focus, a feat hard to achieve in a sub-genre of music that relies on simplicity. The reinforcements for this kick feature a gloomy piano line and a layer of dark synth chords. Perfectly timed arpeggiated hi-hats also provide much needed support to the track. They are used relatively sparingly, as to not flood the overall mix with hi-hats. The panning on the hats is also impeccable, giving serious life to an element that could have been a simple manufactured line. To top it all off, the sub is perfect, complementing the piano / synths and rounding off the solemn vibe the original track so eagerly needed.

2X2A proves that he holds nothing back with his production talents, showcasing an array of technical skill in a perfectly simplistic manner.

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!