Deadmau5 isn’t exactly known for being an environmental activist, despite prodding from advocate and respected DJ/Producer Morgan Page.

Although they both own Tesla vehicles, pioneered by billionaire Elon Musk – the revered founder of Space-X, Page has been the only notable EDM act to speak out regarding environmental awareness and the promotion of responsible, renewable energy usage. That is, until now…

Deadmau5, who is mid studio build, just tweeted his plans to go green via the incorporation of a Tesla Powerwall system which will power his new creative headquarters. The system makes use of solar panels and stores power in a sleek, wall-mounted battery to ensure that the sun-derived energy is available when you need it.

We applaud Zimmerman for taking the initiative to go green, and hope that more follow in his foot steps – as acts like Calvin Harris, Zedd, Skrillex & other A-listers can obviously afford it.

Elon Musk on Twitter


H/T Huffington Post