Markus Schulz has been taking a unique approach to his music lately. His latest series of productions have chronicled his worldwide journey as a DJ, with each new track highlighting another city that has influenced his music and career. These releases also coincide with key stops on Markus’ World Tour: April’s “This Generation (Indio)” was a nod to his debut performance at Coachella as New World Punx. June marks the halfway point of the series with his tribute to London, a city with a lot of meaning in both his personal and professional life. “Lost in the Box (London)” is a melodic, pulsating track that never takes its foot off the gas, rich with the darker vibes synonymous with the name Markus Schulz. Listen to “Lost in the Box” below, and pick up a copy when it comes out on Coldharbour Recordings Monday, June 29. To see what other cities made the cut so far, visit Markus Schulz’s Soundcloud.