In the hinterlands of Russia, Alfa Future Festival reigns king despite events like Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival and EDC receiving most of the international attention. Alfa Future has been brooding silently with little to no press behind them, and this year delivered with a massive stage of epic proportions that out-impressed EDCLV and may even surpass the upcoming, castle-themed Tomorrowland stage.

As evident by the video of Knife Party taking over the main stage, and further pictures below, you can see that the production value of Alfa Future is at least on par with the biggest and best music festivals in the world. So for world-traveled festival goers and wander-lusters alike, we definitely recommend you check out this larger than life event in the largest country in the world. And with deadmau5NeroPaul van Dyk and even legends Underworld on the lineup, you know that it’s a damn good time, too.