Still riding the immense wave from the success of their debut album Settle (yes, really), the Disclosure brothers took many by surprise when they announced that their sophomore album, titled Caracal, would release later this year. The first single from that album, the Gregory Porter collaboration “Holding On“, set the tone for the duo’s follow-up outing, and a new single unveiled courtesy of Annie Mac gives us another taste of the highly anticipated LP.

This new Disclosure track, titled “Moving Mountains”, continues the brothers’ trend of collaborating with emerging British artists. This time Disclosure pairs up with vocalist Brendan Reilly, who takes the brothers’ future garage sound in an R&B-inspired direction. Reilly’s vocals mix well with Disclosure’s expertly crafted production, and an unexpected beat switch midway through the single recalls the post-dubstep style the duo explored in their early days. Annie Mac debuted the new track during her radio show on BBC Radio One on Monday night.

Caracal releases on September 25. Head over to the BBC Radio One website  to listen to “Moving Mountains”, which Mac plays at the 1:29:30 mark.