After releasing his last LP, Power To The People, as a free download, Mayor Apeshit is back with a host of remixes of the album. Released today on Rottun Records, it’s got an abundance of bass and totally relentless energy from start to finish. Get your bass face on, this is fucking mental.

With the likes of Dack Janiels, Erotic Cafe, Kennedy Jones and Rekoil all stepping into the studio, you only have to read those names to know the vibe of this. Track after track of face screwing, mosh pit starting gruesomeness that, at times, sound nothing short of apocalyptic.

That’s not to say it won’t have you moving, though, quite the opposite. If you’re listening on a train or bus, your head will be rocking vigorously; if you’re in a club, the place may need refurbishment. You can nab a copy of it here