If you’re looking to get acquainted with the latest trends in the ever-shifting field of West coast bass music, look no further than The OriGinALz. This Northern California duo has been absolutely crushing the game lately; with a style that actively blurs the lines between glitch and experimental trap music, it’s nearly impossible not to bob your head and wiggle your body when one of their tunes is assaulting a sound system.

Their latest EP is a perfect example of this fact. Following hot on the heels of their Intravenous LP, Vanilla Cake Island is indeed a tasty treat; if your ears had taste buds, they would definitely be salivating right now. While the sound design has a gritty edge to it at points, there’s never a tune that feels overwhelming and syrupy, saucy bass grooves reign supreme. In just six tracks, The OriGinALz guide you on a journey, a trip through swirling melodies, frosty percussion, and creamy rhythms. And that’s not all; the EP also includes three stellar remixes from Shlump, Moniker, and Trapmasters, as well as a featured appearance from the Reverend of weird himself, Bleep Bloop.

Stand Out Tracks: ‘Low G Labyrinth’, ‘Frazzled’, ‘Low G Labyrinth (Shlump remix)’

So, if you’re ready for your just desserts, head on over to the Saturate! Records Bandcamp page and grap The OriGinALz latest EP for the extra low cost of free. Happy listening!

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