It’s no secret Yogi‘s one of the hottest producers around in electronic music, especially after his massive collaboration with Skrillex, Pusha T, and many others on “Burial”, already surpassing over 5 million views on YouTube alone. We’ve received word that he has a ton of music on its way to your speakers, with “Tsing Tao” being one of them. Not only is it a free beat for you to enjoy, but Yogi struts his production skills on this highly addictive track. It’s menacing, featuring a ominous samples, all building into a frenetic, and lit drop.

“Tsing Tao” maintains a spine-tingling mood until the very end, but will only leave you wanting more. This is just the beginning for Yogi, and we can’t wait to share more of his music with you very soon! Stay tuned and listen below.