Although he’s internationally renowned for his techno-thriller hit “Sandstorm,” Darude has set out more recently to set himself apart from the “one hit wonder” mantra, and what better way to do that than with a full 11-track album release.

Entitled Moments, this album features a wide variety of influences and sounds to culminate in a gorgeous, download-worthy release that will have you listening time and time again in the coming days, weeks, and perhaps even months.

Opening with the gorgeous vocal track that is “Beautiful Alien” before moving to a more chilled out and progressive “Be With You Tonight,” Moments gets us excited right off the bat with great production, atmospheres, and melodies riding alongside quaintly catchy vocals.

The third track in the album, “Coming Home,” has a distinct Avicii x piano house feel, however, and feels like a cheap, trendier addition to the album than the first two songs… And the title track “Moments” is when it gets really weird. Darude takes a festival approach to this song despite a calm melodic intro and bridge into a high energy repetitive build and drop uncharacteristic of his traditional styles.

“Warrior” continues on the path of divergence with a melodic dubstep style that strives to prove Darude’s talents in multiple genres. From there to “Peace Revisited” the increasingly strange tracks incorporate trance, progressive, big room and even tech house elements for a highly varied, but rather uninteresting journey; only “Turn The Light On” impressed me personally. The closing “No More Tears To Cry” does serve as an enjoyably ambient and laid back finale, however, and leaves me satisfied upon Moments‘ end.

All-in-all, a rather average album which had a few shining moments, Darude has proven that he is definitely not out of the game – but impressive, this was not.