Porter Robinson is back with another slew of interview questions taken from Japanese site AsQme. This week he discusses Dance Dance Revolution as a main source of musical inspiration and his friendship with Dillon Francis and Madeon. Even though this will be Porter’s last installment, we can continue looking forward to more from Deadmau5 and others who are yet to be announced. Watch the videos below, and get an inside look at one of Japan’s favorites.

Hello! I’m a huge fan of you! You have many close friends who are also DJs but I would like to know how many you have, and out of all of them, who would be your closest friend?

Since when have you had that particular hairstyle? You look really great in it!

You’ve been a DJ since you were 17 years old, but when exactly did you start being involved in the music field? What was your first instrument?

I’m really looking forward to see you at Sonic Mania. What do you seek from the Japanese fans in order to make it a great show?

Please tell us an artist you highly recommend! And when are you planning to release your 3rd album? I can’t wait!

Have you ever thought of living in Japan, or buying a villa in Japan?