(Original Photo By: Merijn Roest of Tycho Merijn)

It may sound cliché, but hard work and a positive attitude can really get you places in life.  That, and always keeping a forward mindset.  There’s no better example of that hard work and positivity in action than veteran Dutch DJ/producer, Sander van Doorn.  Sander has been in the game for nearly a decade, but he’s still pumping out new material like an aspiring artist.  Sander says one of the keys to being a successful artist is to find ways to continually evolve, and that is exactly what he has done over the years.

For Sander, one of the things he enjoys most as an established artist in the electronic scene, is the ability to bring new talent into the fold.  Through his “Identity” radio show and his own label, DOORN Records, Sander is able to expose new talent to his already robust fan base.  Hot, young talents like Oliver Heldens, Firebeatz, and Pep & Rash, are a few of the artists he says inspire him to evolve his sound.

Sander calls himself “a bit of a workaholic,” but he credits his incredible management team with keeping him grounded and enjoying the day-to-day grind of the music industry.  And again, although it’s cliché, it’s so true, Sander says, “I’m doing something I love, so it doesn’t seem like work.”  

When he’s constantly working and touring across the world, one of his main means of fan interaction is through social media.  Sander loves reading fan tweets, especially when he gets positive feedback on the tracks he plays during his podcast.  And yes people, he will play your fan requests!

Sander also has sage advice for anybody in the game, or really any walk of life for that matter.  Stay true to yourself, and don’t worry about pleasing everybody, because that’s impossible.  

“Some people will always criticize the music that you make.  It’s just that it’s practically impossible to please everyone at the same time.  I think that it’s really important that you learn to deal with that type of criticism as an artist.  Constructive criticism on the other hand is great and extremely helpful while producing.  I think it’s just important that you learn not to listen to the bad stuff, but focus on the good stuff.”

One of the reasons Sander has lasted so long in the music industry is his ability to remain grounded and his thirst to continually learn about his craft.  Sander says on a larger scale he’d love to see world peace one day.  That’s why he loves playing shows and parties, “there’s no hate, no fight, just peace, love, and happiness.”

Sander van Doorn is currently touring Europe, but he will make his next U.S. appearance at the 20th edition of Nocturnal Wonderland in Southern California this September.  Check out the official video for his most recent hit single, “Oh, Amazing Bass” below.