Have you ever wanted to listen to dancehall at a downtempo rhythm? No? Well, me neither until I heard this, and now it’s all I would ever want to listen to.

It’s possible that the above interpretation is all my own, but the fact that this is a really dope track is a bit harder to dispute. Elk Road is back with a new original after a terribly long wait for fans, and the result is more than we could have hoped for. Taking his own unique style and amplifying it, this young producer is able to create an atmosphere all his own – with the help of Governors on vocals, of course.

Piano, soft percussion, and light synths give this airy tune a lot of room to move around and fill empty space with reverberating basslines and an infectious finger snap rhythm. Some of the sounds could stand to be a little louder, a bit more bold, but overall, this is a really solid tune and I’m happy to see Elk Road hasn’t missed a step.

Check it out below.