Hello again bassfam, and welcome to another edition of West Coast Wednesdays! Since almost everyone is at the Burn this week, we’ve eschewed any extra content this time around, and are mainly going to focus on this weeks’ top five until the next episode. So without any further ado let’s get in there.

This week was an incredibly good week for music in LA as you’ll see below. In addition to Jack Ü’s epic VIP Leak, there were quite a few good things to come out of smogville since our last episode, so keep reading to find out who’s in the House this week.

Our first song on the list, a collab between Boombox Cartel & Bro Safari, actually came out last Thursday. This epic, high energy collaboration takes both artists to a decidedly brighter, faster and louder place that they alone don’t really touch very often. Featuring classic Boombox vocal warps, old school tweaked out dubstep synths, and a ridiculously Bro’ed out bassline that flips into jersey club fuckery; this is not one to sleep on if you like to party.

Next, we’re traveling up the coast to Oakland where underground bass music badman, Psy Fi, has just released his remix of Run DMT & Stephan Jacobs’ track “Peyote.” In the past year or so, Psy Fi’s production skills have absolutely skyrocketed, and this track is a testament to just that. Psy Fi’s masterful spacework helps give the track an ambience that allows for his wildly gritty and dark synths to really shine as the subs get to work. If you love bass music, don’t miss out on this one.

For this next one we’re going back down to LA with the Night Bass crew for Petey Clicks new Ghost EP. Some of you older bassheads might remember Mr. Clicks from a little group called Clicks & Whistles way back when. Well since then, Petey has flipped the script and been absolutely crushing the House/Deep House game for quite some time now. We fell in love with his singles from that start, and his Night Bass mixes are some of our favorites, so you can believe our expectations were very high. Fortunately, this EP did not let us down. Definitely take this one for a spin if you consider yourself a house fan. Even if you aren’t, it’s still great music.

Next up, we have a deliciously sexy house music collab from LA based Ryan Collins & Montreal based producer, Bijou. This one flexes the low end as it works you over in a signature G-Tech fashion that hits you where it counts. As house music begins to move out of the spotlight, we find ourselves desperately hoping that more tracks like these will stick around to keep us grinning like idiots.

Finally, we have a release from NEST HQ. This EP from Maryland based producer Dirty Chocolate takes the term ‘babymakers’ into a fantastic new direction. Although Dirty is based out of Maryland, NEST HQ is located in LA; so although it’s a bit a stretch, we’re bending the rules this time because this Holo EP is so f*cking good. This beautifully dirty & wonderfully trapped out future-love release is exactly what you need to help you de-stress mid-week. Everything about this album is magic, and if you didn’t believe before you will when it’s over. Check out his dope interview about the project here, and be sure to grab the EP when you’re done!


Bing bing! Surprise Mo’f*ckas! Since we don’t have any extra free downloads or album reviews for you this week, we’ve got one more release for you all to check out, and this one is definitely for the bassheads. Last Friday, the infamous Firepower Records released its “Flatline Vol 2.” compilation, a collection of four tracks from artists brand new to the Firepower squad. Each one of these tracks is large and in f*cking charge, with an epic breakbeat smasher from Dr. Ozi to start things off, and a next level, nuanced Riddim smacker from Ponicz to close it down. All the hardcore Bassheads need this one in their library without a doubt.

So until next week Bassheads, party safe & have fun out there!