This is the first post in a new series I like to call Trance Throwbacks, where I’ll be reviewing some classics in the trance scene. Why you may ask? Well, some may say trance is dead. And while I don’t entirely agree with that statement, I would say the genre appears to be saturated with some pretty terrible stuff. With that being said, it’s my goal to share, what I believe to be, ‘classic’ trance tunes with you all. First off, we have (almost obviously) Tiësto’s “Elements of Life.”

Right off the bat things get going with a pulsing, crunchy bassline and stunning chord progressions. If you know this song, the intro should be enough to remind you of what’s to come. Simple but fitting drum work brings the track to life before Tiësto takes you for a ride on the Feels Express with an epic orchestral piece. Things pick up again with more chords, bringing up the energy and solidifying this tracks place in trance history; this is the Tiësto we all know and love in full force.

Check out the video below and silently cry with me as we wonder why Tiësto has forsaken us.

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