I came across WHITEHORSE months ago, by finding a remix she did with Clans of LIGHTS’ hit “Up We Go”. I tend to get very attached when I hear something incredibly unique in an artist, and I think at this point attached is an understatement. I absolutely enjoy every piece of work Miss Natalia Benson, aka WHITEHORSE, has to offer to this industry. She’s traveled the country and played at some of the best festivals, including Lightning in a Bottle, Coachella, and more.

Besides being an all around fantastic DJ and producer, she makes jewelry, reads tarot, practices yoga and meditation, and just overall has this artistic and creative personality that shines out to the world. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and get some more details from this lovely lady, and I just had to share her amazing outlook on life, her music, and channeling her love and passion into her artwork. Here is what she has to share with us all:

You’ve certainly created a very unique brand for yourself. Tell us all more about who you are as an artist, and what inspires you to continue being so outside of the box.

Well thank you 🙂 that is always nice to hear 🙂 As an artist I would just say.. I am someone who is true to what she loves- my self expression through WHITEHORSE comes through my heart & what inspires me & makes me fascinated with life. I feel like I explore a lot of balance of opposites in what I create – one of my best friends the other night was listening to me practicing my set [ WHITEHORSE is playing Control LA at Avalon Hollywood w/ TWRK & Brenmar, Friday September 4th and she was like, “you’re such a little sweet babe and then you through down this hyphy ass music!”

Where do you see yourself being in five years? What do you believe you will have accomplished?

In 5 years, first and foremost I want to be happy and at peace with myself whatever I am doing. As for my career, I vision playing MainStage at festivals all over the world and by then have at least one world tour under my belt. I hope I would have shared my heart with many many people by then!


What positive messages are you looking to convey to your listeners and your fans?

I am looking to convey the message that there is love, beauty & connection in the world. I really like to inspire by what is beautiful… I am sure that sounds weird for a DJ/producer who throws down some hyphy ass tunes but like I said, I think we can all exist with so many different facets to ourselves. I thrive from this space of being true to who I am and I encompass a lot of different, even polarizing things. I want people to feel connected to one another & to me through what I am playing & putting out as an artist. It’s my reason for being!

Is there anyone you look to for inspiration or creative vibes when it comes to your making music?

When I want to get into creative mode I listen to Alison Wonderland’s latest album. It’s masterful and I love it. Hippie Sabotage, Flume, Odesza are all artists I deeply respect & get really inspired by creatively. FKA Twigs music videos give me goosebumps.

Tell us about your upcoming set you have this Friday opening for TWRK and Brenmar at Avalon in Hollywood.

I am really excited about this. It’s going to be my first time playing at Avalon Hollywood for Control which is a huge honor. I shot a cinematic reel for my visual show with an incredible director here in LA named Karol Escobar. I met her backstage at the Do Lab at Coachella and it was love at first sight. She brought in her homie & talented DP Devin Schiro and we made magic. I was able to find a VJ pretty last minute that all  my friends recommended named Mike Strauss who will be executing the live cinematic footage & his own graphics, etc. throughout the show.  I recorded a lot of my own vocals that I seed throughout and I do a ton of live looping on my controller. Should be fun and I hope people dig it 🙂

joshua lee photo

If you could play at any festival or event in the world, where would it be and why?

To be determined… 😉

From what I gather, you are very in tune with nature, culture and many types of spiritual ways of being. How do you use your spirituality and your senses to guide your talents?

My connection to myself is important to me. Meditation, yoga and self reflection keep me strong and awake as an artist. A lot of my creative expression comes from this place of understanding myself on a more mystical level.

What are some of your biggest goals to reach this coming year with your music? Will you be looking to release an EP, or a full length LP or other videos?

Yes, I have some pretty grand visions. Right now doing a ton of writing and producing in LA. EP, 2016. Festival circuit & shows, 2016. Companion music videos will come out with every release. Expect lots of new music soon 🙂


What do you love and enjoy most about the music you make? What about when you play it for a crowd of people? How does all of that make you feel?

What I love about the music I get to create is that honestly, it’s cathartic for me. I express ideas that are legitimate to where I am in my life. When I get to play that music for people in my sets it makes my heart explode. I remember the first time I played IN SKY in a club, I almost skipped over it because it’s a pretty raw expression of emotion for me, I went for it anyway and when I could feel people vibing to it I almost cried. LOL.

Bonus! What is your favorite dessert?

Haha! I am not a huge sweets person these days…. but sometimes a vegan brownie with coconut ice cream is amazing!!

I am sure after reading this you are probably on my level when it comes to WHITEHORSE, and if not you’re definitely getting there. She’s got this vivacious outlook on life, she is extremely passionate and talented when it comes to her music and artwork, and she is just happy to get it all out there. I am so excited for her, and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for the universe and for this industry as she continues her wonderful and electronic music filled adventure. Be sure to follow WHITEHORSE at the social media links below, go and see her throw down tomorrow night at Avalon in Hollywood, and get ready for some ethereal energy from this amazing artist.

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