Having only recently dropped his ground breaking ‘Neo Tokyo’ EP, it’s clear to see that 2015 signals another new realm of creativity for producer and DJ MUST DIE!. This latest collection is utterly brilliant – we exchanged a few words with the US hailing artist about making it.

Neo Tokyo is such an awesome piece of work. When did you start writing it?

Thank you 🙂 I wrote ‘Ebi’ ( Shrimp) probably 8 months ago, but the rest came together in the past 3 months.

We hear you’ve been playing some shows over in Japan. How have those been as an experience?

Japan is an amazing place and an amazing fan base. Great experience, 10/10.

Do you have a favourite track on the EP?

‘Ebi’ ( Shrimp) by far.

Are you beginning to work on the next album yet or is that some way off?

I’ve already started writing music for whatever comes next.

What have been your personal highlights of 2015?

Japan, honestly is my biggest highlight. Paradiso and Red Rocks are tied for a close second.

How would you say your sound compares now to when you were new on the scene?

I think touring and shows have played a big part in how I write my songs now, and It’s something I wish I could remove from the equation at this point. I feel like I could benefit from not caring about how something will go over live.

Pick up Neo Tokyo here