For the past two years, Crystal Hefner, the wife of the Playboy mogul Hugh, has had a residency at Rehab in Las Vegas. Aside from her fresh and growing DJ career, two years ago, she released a single called “Call The Cops” that fit in the Melbournce bounce category of house. Now, she’s back from the studio, this time with a full seven track EP that was independently released on August 27th. And yes, Hugh has a feature on it.

With the Pick Up Lines EP Crystal mostly deals in trap and bounce, although with the first track “My Love,” we get a poppy, progressive house single that is more geared towards radio play. As for personal favorites, the “Rendezvous” original and remix take the cake, however the hypnotic concluding single “Mermaids” is up there as well. Crystal’s hubby Hugh Hefner hops on the title track “Pick Up Lines,” a “Selfie” style record that has a strong sense of humor and some bubbly basslines. The song also reveals just what Hugh’s best pick up line actually is, and it’s about as baller as you can get. Below you will find the previously mentioned singles, and if you’d like to check out the other two that I wasn’t so hype on, then you can find them on Spotify, or purchase the entire EP on iTunes.

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