If you’ve been anywhere near an EDM-fuelled dance floor this season you’ve probably heard, and sung along to, the infectious and raucous drink and dance anthem ‘Shots & Squats’. Coming courtesy of the European based purveyor of some of the finest melbourne bounce this side of the Royal Opera House, Swedish production two some Vigiland joined forces with Tham Sway, who delivers the hook with a reckless abandon with accompanying lyrics to match.

If the original left an impression, then the remixes on offer on this three-track EP bundle will keep it fresh for a little while longer. Remixes on offer come straight from three varied and diverse producers who turn ‘Shots & Squats’ on its head – from the progressive slant of Alpharock, to the trap leanings of Enferno via the electro punch of The Voyagers.

Out now on Universal Music, make sure you go and grab yours. Head here.