Electro house? Bacca house? Whatever it is, Eclectic Method’s freshly pressed “Chewie Tune” has rekindled our faith in humanity.

Who is Eclectic Method? No idea, but a glance at his Youtube Channel reveals a penchant for remixing Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and a host of other classics. There’s even a wide range in production styles, from the bassy funk house of “Droids” to occluded womps as heard in “The Dark Side.” And they’re all set to brilliantly edited video, of a similar vein to Pogo’s Disney remixes. Still, Eclectic’s ode to everyone’s favorite Wookie is his best work yet.

Set to glitchy vocal cuts interspersed with opportune samples, a tribal kick with some ebbing symbols are the icing on this celestial masterpiece. Scope the video below, and even better, snag “Chewie Tune” as a free download. Seriously, this deserves all the plays.


Photo by EgoTripLand