This Wednesday is a very special one indeed for bassheads everywhere. That’s because today, we’re premiering a monster of a collab from two of our favorite West Coast artists, Psy Fi and The OriGinALz. These Norcal natives have been honing their own signature brands of music for years, but 2015 has undoubtedly been the biggest year for them yet.

With an epic album, and several singles already under their belt this year, The OriGinALz are well on their way to becoming breakout underground favorites this year. Psy Fi on the other hand, is already a very well known player in the bass music scene; with many an epic tune to attest to his prowess within the world of bass music. However, his recent move from Humboldt to Oakland has taken his production skill to a whole other level, and given birth to a new style that’s been blowing us away ever since early this year.

So needless to say, a collaboration from these two would be f*cking ridiculous, and believe us when we say, this is just that. Wonderfully epic space work, incredibly filthy synths, neck snapping bass lines and an absurdly large second drop are just a few of the things you can look forward to when you fire this baby up, so make sure to grab it while it’s hot. Also do yourself a favor and look below to check out our super cool interview we did with these three gentlemen to celebrate the launch of their new track!

1. How did this collab come about?

Michael: I hit up Miles when he was passing thru and we wanted to kick it and work on a tune so we all started up on one track and it didn’t really work out so we got together again and started this one up.

2. Did you guys each take on a specific role when making it or..?

Miles: Well Michael and I kinda put the core part of it together and then Troy came in and just made everything way better. (laughs) I mean it was like a banger but it just needed that shimmer you know and that just made it bang way harder

Troy: (Laughs) Yeah It took us about a month to get everything done, and they got the bulk of it done in the beginning and then there was a alot of tightening and mixdown work and effect work over the next few weeks.

2. Whats your favorite part about collaborating with another artist
Michael: For me, just seeing the way someone works with your art and how they do their own thing with it and how they have their own way of going about it is super cool and inspiring to watch. You can learn so much from that.
Troy: I totally agree, everyones brain works differently and theres like a million ways to get the same result so it’s super cool to see a different perspective way you’d do something. It helps alter the perception of how I produce which is really helpful. Its a consistent learning  process you know? and I think that’s pretty cool.”
Miles: Absolutely, I’d definitely say the learning aspect forsure. I have a set way of doing things so when i work with someone else and they have a different way of going about the same thing but they’re not making it so hard on themselves it really helps open my eyes. It’s nice to be around people who work quickly who are fast and concise etc. because that pushes me to do the same.
3. Favorite Up & Coming artists to watch out for on the west coast?
Troy: Definitely gonna say the homie bleep bloop, he’s fucking out of this world. Sayer is amazing as well his set at burning man was incredible. Best set I saw all festival. Obviously young Perkulator
Michael: “Shoutout to the homie Trevor Kelly too!”
Miles: “And Shlump! That guys been killing it too.”
Troy: “Basically just check out saturate records” (Laughs all around)
4. Best festival so far? (Most anticipated)
Troy: “Gotta say Shambhala forsure, that shit is fucking insane. So tight, amazing music amazing vibes.”
Michael: “Obviously gotta shout out Emissions an Enchanted too both of those were a blast this year.”
Miles: “Well I definitely gotta shoutout northern nights that shit was super fun. I’ve never done anything like that before and everyone had their shit together it was so much fun.”
5. What would you like to see more of within the bass music culture as we move forward?
Miles: “Well, the bass community up here is so tight knit and our sound is so distinct and were all really good friends with each other but which is awesome but I’d like to see our scene interacting with other places more, and I’d really like to see other music start to influence the way people make music out here; and I know that’s already happening but I’m talking about more outward collaborations.
Troy: “Yeah were Definitely pretty stoked on the direction it has been going recently its getting a lot more stripped back and simple from the glitch hop days which i think is dope. Music in general especially when you’re recording or doing live music is more about the focus of fundamental parts and I think that’s coming more into play with the west Coast sound recently and I’m pretty stoked on that.”
7. Favorite Plugins?
Troy: We use a bunch of Hardware synthesizers alot of Wav & Fab filter plugins, were not the biggest fans of isotope either.
Michael: “Serum is awesome too lots of our heavier bass noises come from Serum.”
Miles: “I really like Serum too, and also I’m a fan of the odd little weird ones you just happen to run into on the internet or the back of magazines, there’s some really cools stuff out there.”
8. Whats next for you guys?
Miles: “I’m putting together a run of shows with Muppetpunk at the end of October to early November and I’m still looking for some bookings in the midwest so promoters definitely hit me up about that. Other than that I’ve also got an EP coming out soon. And I know I’ve said that for a while and it’s actually happening. I’ve got a bunch of really cool remixes from some and whatnot on it too so I’m really excited.”
Troy: “Were locking in shows for a fall/winter tour right now, and we’ll be opening for Minnesota on Halloween so that’ll be sick.”
Michael: “Were also working on a two track EP for MalLabel with a sh*tton of remixes so that’s always exciting.”