If there’s anything to be said about Kill The Noise’s debut album Occult Classic, it’s that it will be weird as hell. From the tracks that we’ve already heard, “Louder” and “Kill It 4 The Kids,” it’s clear that Kill The Noise is going for a certain aesthetic that laughs in the face of any “classic” methodology.

With this latest single, that aesthetic is amplified, magnified, and intensified. Between the dolphin samples, the odd rhythm, the eventual monkey samples, this is one of the weirder songs of the year. The biggest question I find myself asking is “when would you even have the opportunity to drop this?”

Find out when Kill The Noise comes to your city for his Occult Classic Tour (schedule below, get tickets here). But for now, listen to “Dolphin On Wheels.”

You can pre-order Occult Classic on iTunes here.

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