A set list that music veterans could only dream of performing. The blistering array of bright LEDs. The bizarre out-of-this-world pyramid stage, with two guys wearing the most iconic outfits in dance music. No album could ever fully capture the magic and madness of a live Daft Punk show. No album could beat being able to say, “I was there.” But the Grammy Award winning Alive 2007 remains one of the best live recording/greatest hits album out there.

Impressively, it doesn’t feel like a ‘Best Of Daft Punk’ recording. Old favorites are mixed together in a creative fervor, with a frenzied crowd roaring their appreciation to the likes of ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger/Around the World’. The crowd actually enhances the experience and the euphoric vibes Daft Punk are so good at, with many frisson filled moments to be had. And the encore? ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ mixed with ‘One More Time’? Again, nothing could beat being there but damn does it sound good.

There is no official footage of the show unfortunately, and only a few grainy YouTube videos which don’t do it justice. Only Daft Punk would refuse to do this, acting so cruel to be kind. Always pushing to keep the mystery and magic in their work, we’re left to only dream of how it looked and felt, and keep waiting for that next live performance.