Writer’s Note: I’d like to say that I have an immense amount of respect for the Nerds to be standing up and joining the F Cancer movement. Please show them the same respect by supporting them, whether it’s going to see them on tour, buying their music or even simply streaming their material on Monstercat‘s YouTube channel. Thank you.

Ever since Pegboard Nerds‘ performance at EDC Las Vegas last year, fans of the Nerds (including myself) have been highly anticipating a release of the vocal version of “Razor Sharp,” amongst other IDs including “Swamp Thing.” It took over a year to get here, but it has finally arrived.

However, the track wasn’t kept in the vault for so long just to tease fans. At the beginning of October, the Nerds announced that all proceeds from their music would be donated to fund breast cancer research. Accompanying this was the announcement of their “Pink Cloud” EP, which was built around the same theme.

The Nerds also launched a brand new store on their website filled with “Pink Cloud” themed apparel & accessories, including crop tops, t-shirts, hats, stickers, pins and more. The amount raised toward the cause is proudly displayed at the top of the page, where fans can track the progress toward their ultimate goal of $50,000. At various increments, fans have the opportunity to download exclusive content, most recently of which is the vocal VIP version of “Razor Sharp,” which was unlocked when the cause reached $20,000.

Razor Sharp” is a collaboration with Tristam that has accumulated over 14 million YouTube views and is among Monstercat’s top 5 most popular videos ever. This version of the track takes the “Tristam aspect” to another level entirely, heavily showcasing the mysterious figure’s vocal talent. It also shows the Nerds’ editing ability, as the production flawlessly transitions from the original to the VIP version.

Download “Razor Sharp VIP (Vocal Mix)” for free here and listen below: