Golf Cart Confessions is a series from Insomniac wherein artists are interviewed as they ride on golf carts to or from their sets at various Insomniac festivals. This most recent one is an extended interview with none other than Krewella.

The sisters have made a career out of doing what they love, like any other producer out there. But they’re most proud of the fact that the fame hasn’t changed them. Says Jahan, “At least for Yasmine, she’s the same kid that I know; if anything, she’s just more wise and intelligent, and learns from her experience, and hasn’t let any touring lifestyle affect who she is inside.”

When asked who their music is for, they predictably answered “for ourselves, and for our fans.” Krewella are known to cherish their fans deeply, so it’s no surprise that they pay so much attention to them in the crowd. Of EDC NY, they said that it was incredible to look out into the crowd and see all the signs and shirts that fans wear to represent their fandom.

What’s your motto?

“Get wet or die trying.”

Jahan explains that it means to put everything you’ve got into your goals and dreams; Yasmine describes it as “jumping in and living without fear.” And for these girls, they’ve faced their fair share of criticism and derision from the general public. But for all of that, it hasn’t gotten them down.

Watch the full Confessions episode below:


H/T Insomniac | Photo via Rukes