At Your EDM, we’re always happy to spruce up your day with a healthy dose of bass house. Today’s respite comes straight from the brain spigot of Jameston Thieves & Baewatch, with a track titled “My Head.” Loaded with funky subtleties and an assortment of bodacious sound design, this tune is hype.

Beginning nicely through a warm filter, you wouldn’t have any idea where this track is heading. But just as quickly, we’re apprised of its reality as this track slams into a bustling house jam. The emotive string embellishments do well to complement the harsh breakdown, and the half-time segments lend an unexpected weight to the atmosphere. Overall, the contributions of both parties are distinctly evident, coming together with the slumping grit of Jameston Thieves and Baewatch’s charged low-end prowess.

We also had the chance to catch up with both Baewatch and Jameston Thieves to see what they’re all about. Read on to hear their thoughts on the inspiration behind “My Head,” what their projects stand for, and what influenced their progression as musicians. Have a listen below, and grab “My Head” for yourself on November 20th via Beatport, courtesy of Hysteria Records.

Baewatch | Soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter

What was the inspiration behind “My Head”?

“The inspiration for “My Head” was to create something that has emotional value and connects with the listeners in a different way. We wanted to create something fresh and heavy that appeals to the dance music community but also pushes the envelope a bit for who we are as artists.”

As a winner of EDC LV’s Discovery Project, what is the most important thing for an up and coming producer to keep in mind?

“Most important thing to keep in mind is to keep pushing forward no matter how meh things seem. You will have days where you’re completely uninspired and feel like you aren’t growing as an artist but in actuality people can be playing/listening to your music at that very moment. Don’t let periods of ‘I’m never going to make it or be able to accomplish this’ bring you down. If you would of told us we were playing EDC LV a day before we received the phone call we would of never believed you.”

You and Jameston Thieves both spin your own flavor on Bass/Future house, did you guys learn anything from working with each other?

“We learned a lot of unique processing and sound design techniques from working with him. He is a very talented producer both in sound design and overall production. We’ve also learned that at having a massive 155 track project does not agree with ableton or your CPU either (lol thanks jake).”


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