New music creation app Cove has employed a novel and fluid technique for users to be able to express themselves. Utilizing a simplistic, intuitive structure and a focus on combatting mood-related mental health, tech company Humane Engineering hopes to provide comfort and freedom to its users.

You can use Cove to capture your mood or express how you really feel. [You can] create simple, beautiful music loops, save them to your journal or share with someone else. It’s a platform to play with the building blocks of music, without the need to know what they are or what they do. Cove provides the freedom to simply create.

First, app users choose the baseline mood that they’d like to expand upon. Next, they pick the sounds for their bass, melody, and atmosphere. They can play their own melodies and even shape their own sounds.

Watch the video below to get a feel for Cove, and head on over to the App Store to try it out for yourself.


H/T: It’s Nice That