Producer Captpizza has just released the latest in a series of ethereal and intimate original tracks, titled “Sleeping Pills.” Using a field recorder to sample and process his own sounds – from a disposable camera to an MS-20 synthesizer to the closing of a piano lid – he is able to successfully create an environment all his own. With a powerful ability to create resonant emotion within a slow cascade of different sounds, Captpizza has once again proven himself to be in comparative standing to those like 2X2A, Lucas or even Bon Iver. The track is currently up for free download here.

It begins with warm swells of sub bass and tones as vocal licks fade in and out of the mix. Abstract strikes of percussion ring out above bells, echoing voices and chimes. The energy of the song quickly becomes its defining factor as it pushes toward and away from the listener, creating a total emotional and sonic immersion. Plucks, whirs and breathes punctuate the atmosphere as a continual, pulsating series of notes holds the tempo.

Click here to download the track for free!