There seems to be no stopping Corey James. The young British talent releases track after track, with all his releases dripping with quality. His latest release is a collaboration with Australian producer Jacob Ross, a progressive anthem titled “Migori.” The track marks the 10th release on Marcus Schossow‘s record label Code Red, a fitting track for a laudable benchmark.

As opposed to previous releases from Corey, “Migori” is a bit more understated, but don’t underestimate the energy Corey and Jacob deliver. As is the case with many progressive tracks, the two build up the energy over a consistent kick and catchy synth, peak the energy with a magnificent drop, lower the energy with a mid-track build, and repeat the tried-and-true cycle all over again. Given Schossow’s early days as a trance producer, it’s refreshing to see him giving his record label some diversity among the mountains of generic singles in dance music today.

Listen to Corey James and Jacob Ross’ track “Midori” below: