Last year, Excision shook the world as he dropped his debut album, Codename X. Though it faced fierce competition in the bass world from albums from the likes of Figure, Barely Alive, Modestep and more, Excision’s pedigree and legacy are enough to consistently impress again and again.

Yesterday, the remixes for the title track were released, featuring Virtual Riot, xKore, Truth, Sullivan King & Ryle, and Miu. Now, if that doesn’t sound like one of the most epic lineups of bass remixes this side of the UK, I don’t know what to tell you.

I could easily highlight every remix for its own quality, but I want to single out two: Truth, and Sullivan King & Ryle. First off, the Truth remix is in perfect form with his dark style and it is perhaps no more fitting than eclipsing an Excision original. Second, Sullivan King & Ryle … from the first moment, it just simply never stops. It’s brostep evolved; it’s metalstep. There’s really no other way to explain it, and I’m in love.

You can listen to all of the remixes here, and find links to purchase the package in the description.