Baauer is an undeniable legend in the trap realm, what with ‘shaking Harlem’ and all that – though we haven’t heard too much from him lately. But all that is about to change with his debut album. He’s been dripping a few tracks here and there, and mostly keeping his lips sealed with details, but after a performance with Leikeli47 on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Baauer is finally opening up. Titled Aa (Double-A), the 13-track LP is scheduled to release on March 18th via LuckyMe, with pre-orders starting now.

“GoGo!” and “Day Ones” are immediately available with pre-orders, and as we’ve come to expect more and more, the album is boasting loads of collaborations. Rustie, M.I.A., Future, G-Dragon, and Pusha T, and Leikeli47 are just a few of the names gracing the record, but it’s all contorted into a delectable style of bass music as only Baauer can accomplish. Have a listen to The Late Show Performance below, and pre-order Aa on iTunes to grab these goodies for yourself.


01. Church
02. GoGo!
03. Body
04. Pinku
05. Sow
06. Day Ones [ft. Novelist & Leikeli 47]
07. Good & Bad
08. Way From Me [ft. Tirzah]
09. Temple [ft. M.I.A. & G Dragon]
10. Make it Bang [ft. TT the Artist]
11. Kung Fu [ft. Pusha T & Future]
12. Church Reprise [ft. Rustie]
13. Aa


H/T Dancing Astronaut