Self-filling water bottle? Sounds like something from Back To The Future… But I assure you, this technology is real and will be available to consumers for a pretty modest price soon.

Kristof Retezár, a designer based in Vienna, has invented a device that literally pulls water from the humidity in the air using only the power of the sun. It’s truly a groundbreaking product that is currently only designed for use on a bicycle… but wait, don’t leave yet! The designer is also working on a stand-alone bottle that won’t require steady air flow to drive the process. Until then, we speculate that if you dance enough, this will still work at your favorite festival, too. In ideal conditions it generates approximately half a quart of clean water (unless the air is highly contaminated, but they’re working on an extra carbon filter for that exact circumstance) per hour, which is a pretty adequate amount to keep you consistently hydrated.

Just imagine never having to leave your spot on the rail to refill your water bottle, and instead having a bottle that constantly refreshes its own supply of fresh drinking water. Using the power of condensation, it’s actually possible. Watch the video below for an in-depth look into how this incredible next-generation device functions.

The product is projected to hit the market in the coming year, and the goal is to keep the price under $100. A steal for free, self-replenishing water that keeps you out of the refill lines at your favorite festival if you ask me.

H/T LiveScience