Streaming service Spotify has finally debuted its much anticipated video and podcast service, and the list of upcoming shows is a monster.

The additions will initially come free for registered users, beginning on Android and moving to iOS next week. As of now, Spotify has not indicated when desktop users will gain access to the podcasts or videos.

From Comedy Central and MTV to BBC shows like Top Gear, Dr. Who and the news, users will be able to keep up with a staggering amount of televised content. TED Talks, Adult Swim programs, many late night shows and even ESPN will be on the roster for all to enjoy. In the podcast realm, conversations from Slate, Radiolab, Nerdist and Freakonomics will be available alongside such platforms as Libsyn and PRX.

With the new update, users will first notice that “Your Music” has been changed to “Your Library.” By clicking on it, a menu will reveal a new tab for Shows which leads to a “Featured Shows” slider where users can view all of the new stations and content.

Read Billboard‘s curated list of Spotify’s newly acquired partnerships and shows below, and look forward to an entirely new world of viewing and listening material.

Disney: Jimmy Kimmel Live, ESPN, Maker Studios, X Games, Fusion;
ABC News
NBCUniversal: Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, E! News;
Turner Broadcasting:  Adult Swim clips, Team Coco;
Viacom: Comedy Central, MTV, VH1;
BBC Worldwide Entertainment: Top Gear, BBC Earth, Dr Who;
BBC Global News Ltd: BBC News; BBC Radio: Podcasts & Audio News;
Vice Media: Vice News;
TED: TED has created custom playlists of their popular Talks for Spotify;
Condé Nast Entertainment: Glamour, GQ, Vogue, Wired;
Nerdist / Legendary Films & Digital Networks: The Nerdist Podcast, Nerdist News;
Slate: Culture Gabfest, Daily Podcast;
CBS Play.It TWIT: This Week in Tech;
Epic TV: here you’ll find the best, original, lifestyle sports, featuring surfing, climbing, wingsuit, BASE, mountain biking, adventure sports etc;
Rightster: a global platform network for online video;
Blucora Media: How Stuff Works, Stuff You Should Know, Stuff to Blow Your Mind;
Elite Daily: Insights, 5 Stages, Generation Why;
Tastemade: food, drink, travel for Millennials;
PRX: 99% Invisible Podcast, The Moth Podcast;
Harper Collins: Harper Audio Presents;
American Public Media: Marketplace, The Splendid Table;
WNYC Studios: Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio;
Gimlet: StartUp, Reply All;
Public Radio International: The World, Sideshow;
Libsyn: the world’s largest podcast network;
Fullscreen: a global network of content creators and brands;
Andreessen Horowitz: a16z Podcast; 5by5 Productions LLC;
Defy Media: Screen Junkies Movie Fights
QI: No Such Thing as a Fish;
Macmillan: Quick and Dirty; The Financial Times Limited; The Heard; This Week in Startups; TWiT,
LLC: This Week in Tech; Wochit;
Warner Bros Domestic Television: Ellen


Source: Billboard