I wouldn’t be premiering this tune right now except for the fact that I absolutely felt that I must. When you see a track in your inbox with the title “Inside (Satan’s Testicles)”… I’m sorry, you just don’t turn that down.

I want you to take a moment and think about what the inside of Satan’s testicles would be. Just take a moment… okay, got it? Good. Now hit play.

So what you have here is your classic Asian Satan, not to be confused with the Christian Satan. The balls of this Satan have a lot more chimes, a lot more trap snares, and some Eastern flair thrown in for good measure; call it seasoning. Moreso, at times, it sounds like the testicles are smashing into one another, as if Satan is running or dancing, perhaps twerking. It’s quite an interesting tune if you just let your mind wander a bit.

I also get to let you know that this tune is part of the new album that The Frederik is releasing on No Tomorrow Recordings! The album, titled The Deadset Momentum, is out February 26 – and yes, most of it is just as fun and weird as this track.


Keep an eye out for a couple more premieres in the coming weeks!